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Great hands, dumb moves

June 22, 2010

Eye's on the Ball? Check Prize? Not so much.

There is a well established track record of wealthy WASP scions rebelling against their comfortable lives of privilege.  These “Trustafarians” often end up as jet setting self-absorbed leftists living a life of sequestered luxury all the while thumbing their noses at the very society that created the wealth they enjoy.  These people are, to say the least, annoying, but more importantly they are cliché.  Another rich white kid wearing a Che shirt?  How original.  But now what about rich black kids?  Not really something that we have much track record with but everyday we become a more integrated society and while the percentage still stick more and more blacks are climbing up the ladder.

While a sample size of one a trend does not make it appears for one rich black son the rebellion took the form of Thug-Life and not Marxism.  The one that I speak of is Duron Carter, son of Ohio State and NFL legend, Cris Carter.  Duron was born after his father can already started his NFL career, so while the first few years in the NFL were a little rocky for dad, Duron was in fact born with a silver spoon up his ass.  By the time Duron enters high school his father is one of the highest paid NFL players and a future Hall of Famer, who, aside from aside form his on field heroics and built a security business with, as of 3 years ago, 25 location!  Duron is the son of privilege, even if it’s not a standard old money white blue blood line.

Now I know it might seem odd to claim that a Duron, following directly in his father’s foot steps by becoming a receiver at Ohio State, is a rebellious child but rebellion is not always at the meta level.  Duron is the child of well educated and intelligent parents, whose father one of the most well spoken ex-NLF starts to make the jump to TV analysis and went to a private Catholic school.  Yet Duron pushed back against this breeding by self identifying with the street.  To hear him talk, to read his internet posts/tweets was to watch one trying ever so hard to prove they were “real”.

Stop trying to be something you are not.

Let’s look as some recent tweets;
Ungrateful niggas! Can’t do nothing 4 ppl!     4:03 AM Jun 18th  via UberTwitter

Niggas that get 21’d can’t say shit!!!!! If this was 2k the next niggas would be on the court now!!!! #celtics old shitty niggas     12:35 AM Jun 16th  via UberTwitter

RT @L_Anderson6: cavs fans please stop suckin on the celtics dick.. they whooped the cavs then they was they sweet as fuck outta no where SMFH!!!!

@tysofly lol true… We will just stick 2 bein real then!     8:47 PM Jun 14th  via UberTwitter  in reply to tysofly

No doubt philosopher and theologian Saint Thomas Aquinas, namesake for your high school is ever so proud of his desire to, “stick 2 bein real”.  As, I imagine, are Duron’s parents.

Fort Luaderdale FL, Columbus OH, now Coffeyville. What's next, prison?

Thanks to Duron’s fascination of a street culture that deemphasize things such as, duty, education and commitment he will be find himself plying his trade at the Coffeyville Kansas Community College.  Hopefully begin stuck in the middle of fucking nowhere, attending a community college with an enrollment of under 1,300, will be a catalyst for change.  It is a waste, and a shame to watch some one given so much, including the physical ability to be a wide receiver at an elite FBS program throw it all away over love of a vile culture that promotes violence and debases women.
Though Coffeyville worked as a spring-board for Ron Springs, 78-79 starting Ohio State tailback and Mike Rozier, the 1983 Heisman winner for Nebraska, I have my doubts to the likely hood Duron will make a comeback.  Ron and Mike were hungry young men that needed a little more time to bring up their grades.  Duron on the other hand has never known hunger and though having started with the grades, let his school work decline so rapidly that he was ruled ineligible to play before the season was even over.  I doubt we hear much noise from Duron as I suspect he has, in his heart, chosen an ignorant street culture that his father has nothing to do with as a method of establishing himself as a different person from his pops.  Someday he may change, but I suspect it will be long after college football is an option.  The question I wonder is, is this a one-off, or will Thug-Life be a common form of rebellion for wealthy, educated black…  chidren.

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